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Poderi Morettiwinery For Tourtasting Fine Wines Of Alba Langheroero Unesco Area On Julyaugust 2020

Enogastronomia a Monteu Roero (CN) Piemonte -

the best way to get to know the hills of the roero - unesco area poderi moretti – cascina occhetti wineries 2020 official winery store - direct sale the winery will beon saturday4thsunday5th july 2020 saturday 11thsunday 12th july 2020 saturday 18thsunday 19th july 2020 saturday 25thsunday

26th july 2020 saturday1stsunday 2nd august 2020 saturday8thsunday 9th august 2020 poderi moretti will be pleased to welcome in his own cellar wine lovers who appreciate the wines of qualityvalue. tours are available in the following hours: at 10.00 amat 3.00 pm. guided tours including tastings

lasting about two hours; the starting point is in frazione occhetti n. 40 - monteu roero (cn) (pink building with the words cascina occhetti under the church of san pietro di occhetti) (https: maps eb8hjem4cqd2) guided tour of the productionageing winery, vineyard, with illustration of the various

stages of wine production,finally tasting of wines, combine with grissinia selection of salamecheesespiedmont, prices depend on the productswines tasted. € 19,00 langhe-roero experience ( roero arneis docg, vignano sparkling wine vsq brut (spumante), langhe nebbiolo doc occhetti, grissini) € 25,00

i classici dell’albese ( roero arneis docg, dolcetto d’alba doc, barbera d’alba doc, nebbiolo d’alba doc, barolo docg, grissinisalame) € 25,00 langhe-roero cru experience (roero arneis docg san michele, roero arneis docg occhetti, langhe doc montevada, langhe nebbiolo doc occhetti, roero riserva

docg ginis, grissinisalame) € 35,00 occhetti cru experience, minimum 4 people (langhe nebbiolo doc occhetti annata corrente, langhe nebbiolo doc occhetti annata passata, roero riserva docg ginis, roero riserva docg benedet, roero riserva docg pulciano, combine with grissinia selection of salamecheesespiedmont)

free admission for children under 5 years without tasting food; childrenteenager aged 6-17: € 7,00 each, includes the visit to the cellartasting of salamegrissini. it is recommended to wear comfortable shoesclothesto bring a light jacket o a sweater, as the the cellar temperature might be cool. we

speak italianenglish. we ask you to collaborate for the success of this event, adopting a few simple steps to make these moments pleasant for everyone. pursuant to the decrees of the president of the council of ministers of 17 may 202011 june 2020to the decrees of the president of the piedmont region n.

63 of 22 may 2020, n. 64 of 27 may 2020, n. 68 of 13 june 2020 during the visit, everyone is obliged to use masks to cover the nosemouth, disinfect the hands with the gel that we will make available to visitorsrespect the social security distance. all participants must communicate to us name, surname, addresstelephone

number, which we will keep for 14 days, as provided in the guidelines for the reopening of economic, productiverecreational activities 20 96cr1cov19 of 11 062020 please book preferably four days before, to specify surnamename, address, telephone number, email address, datetime of the visit of each participant,

the tipe of tasting, by writing to, by calling at 0039 0173 90383 after 7.00pm; send a message on https: poderimoretti , when booking, choose the same tasting package for all people for groups of 8more people, booking at least seven days in advance, we are alsoon

weekdays of julyaugust 2020. during the day you can buy our products: toasted hazelnutswines - nebbiolo d'alba doc, roero riserva docg, roero arneis docg, barolo docg, dolcetto d’alba doc, barbera d'alba doc, langhe nebbiolo doc, langhe doc, sweet white wine mpf, sparkling wine vsq brut. wines awarded

in important international wine competitions. our addresses are: fazione occhetti 15 – 12040 monteu roero cn – piedmont – italy https: maps fuhrfjssqua2 frazione occhetti 40 – 12040 monteu roero cn – piedmont – italy https: maps eb8hjem4cqd2 you can find monteu roero at: * 16

kmalbahttps: maps z9vvj * 30 kmastihttps: maps 5rine * 63 kmcuneo https: maps yfvod * 50 kmtorino (motorway a6 torino-savona exit carmagnola -> ceresole d’alba -> monteu roero)https: maps pqmra * 150 kmgenova (motorway a10 genova-savona, motorway a6 torino-savona

exit carmagnola -> ceresole d’alba -> monteu roero) https: maps sscbv * 150 kmmilano (motorway a21 torino-piacenza exit asti est -> san damiano d’asti -> canale d’alba -> monteu roero) https: maps lzgdw let’s visit https: let's follow us on: https: poderimoretti https: moretti.winery poderi morettihttps: maps m7ucjhmhwmeqs48v6 cascina occhetti https: maps ufd9lq7bmgr75pdva

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Dal 04/07/2020 al 09/08/2020

Monteu Roero (CN) Piemonte

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